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I would like to let you know about a special event that is happening called The Servant Leadership Online Training Summit: 10 Days to Better Results and Relationships.

This is an unprecedented event with 40 leaders who will be sharing insights and practices related to servant leadership. You can sign up for free and get all of the details here:

The Servant Leadership Online Training Summit CLICK HERE

Now more than ever, the world is in desperate need of leaders who put the needs of others first, while helping their employees and followers to develop and perform at the highest level.

During this 10-day summit, you will be able to listen to some of the leading authors, executives and experts on this timely topic. You will get practical insights, team-building exercises and servant leadership training.

I’ll be speaking on Thursday, October 19th about The Heart-Led Leader!
Registration is open for a limited time so make sure you join the list here and you can also watch a short video with the co-host and management expert Ken Blanchard here:

The Servant Leadership Online Training Summit CLICK HERE

Few people realize the power of a servant leadership model, simply because they may misunderstand why and how it works. The truth is when leaders lead with service, you can expect amazing and spectacular results in your business, family and community.

You’ll get an inside look into the most proficient and highly successful organizations in the world…Learn from such experts as:

Ken Blanchard – What Is Servant Leadership?
Jim Ferrell – The Servant Leader’s Focus
Dr. Henry Cloud – The Power of Other
Erwin McManus – The Last Arrow
John Hope Bryant – The Memo
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – Servant Leadership
Peter Block – Stewardship
Kenneth Jennings – Practical Serving Leadership: Tools for Implementation
Dr. Beverly Kaye – Up is Not The Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility
Liz Wiseman – Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter
Michael Bush – Servant Leaders Create a Great Place to Work For All
Holly Culhane – The Leader as Shepherd
Tommy Spaulding – The Heart-Led Leader
Cheryl A. Bachelder – Serve the People
Jon Gordon – Little Things and Big Things
Jim Kouzes – Finding Your Voice

You can join us from anywhere in the world because the event is online, and costs no money.

Register Now: The Servant Leadership Online Training Summit CLICK HERE