Every thought leader dreams about having their “content” embedded into the vocabulary and culture of corporate America – schools, non-profits and organizations throughout the world.  I would bet that almost everyone reading this BLOG knows the name Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and its’ content:  Do you have Level 5 Leaders in your organization? What is your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)? The Flywheel Effect?  The Hedgehog Concept? If you google the words “Right People on the Bus” – you will see twenty plus articles written by Jim Collins.  It’s like he owns the words – Getting the Right People on the Bus – and nearly every leader in the world uses and knows the importance of this phrase in their organization.


Jim Collins is my hero.  He is my Peyton Manning. My Abraham Lincoln.  My Neil Armstrong.  My Rosa Parks.


This week my second book, The Heart-Led Leader, celebrates its one-year anniversary. It instantly became a New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal national bestseller.  INC.com named The Heart-Led Leader one of “The 100 Best Business Books of 2015”.  Deeply humbling.  Especially from someone who graduated with a 4.0 GPA … if you took my high school GPA and added it to my college GPA!


I remember when I pitched my second book idea to my publisher at Penguin Random House.  I remember telling my editor, that I wanted to write about “love in the workplace”.  He and many others thought I was crazy and encouraged me to avoid using the word “love” in a business book –  perhaps use a different word – heart.
The Heart-Led Leader is about love.  It is about love and results. It is about leaders that build a culture of love in their organizations that achieve unprecedented bottom line results.  It’s about how they also make a significant impact on the lives they choose to serve.


I dream about organizations using the phrase “Heart-Led Leader” just as they use “Getting the Right People on the Bus”.  Because I believe that leaders and organizations that love what they do and love who they serve will perform better than those who do not. Period!


A few weeks ago, my good buddy from Palm Beach, Florida sent me an e-mail that got me thinking.  Bill Reichel is a big fan of my work.  He brought me down last year to speak to his real estate team. He has embedded heart-led leadership throughout his organization.  In his e-mail Bill challenged me – to identify ten heart-led public companies that I personally know and have worked with their leadership teams – and track their stock performance over a year. To prove that heart-led companies outperform the S&P 500 Index, he pledged to invest $10,000 in each of these ten company’s stocks ($100,000 total).


I took on Bill’s challenge and here are “Tommy’s Top Ten Publicly Traded Heart-Led Companies”:


1) AutoZone (#280 on Fortune 500)


2) Southwest Airlines (#142 on Fortune 500)


3) Ball Corporation (#341 on Fortune 500)


4) Tyson Foods (#66 on Fortune 500)


5) Simpson Strong-Tie (NY Stock Exchange under SSD)


6) CVS Health (#7 on Fortune 500)


7) YUM Brands (#218 on Fortune 500)


8) U.S. Bancorp (#131 on Fortune 500)


9) Marriott Vacation Rentals (NY Stock Exchange under VAC)


10) DaVita HealthCare Partners (#200 on Fortune 500)


I know the CEO’s, Presidents and senior leadership of these ten companies.  I know their hearts.  I have researched and written about these organizations. And I have keynoted most of their annual meetings.  These companies lead and do business differently.  I would bet my buddy’s (and my) $100,000 investment that these ten companies combined will outperform any public stock index.  Because they live what I write about.  I believe they live that love and results are two sides of the same coin.  And companies that do bring “love” in their workplace outperform those who do not.


I will report back the results next year on The Heart-Led Leader’s second anniversary.


THANK YOU to all who have purchased and read The Heart-Led Leader over the past year. I’m deeply humbled and grateful.  The greatest compliment I have ever received about The Heart-Led Leader, “It is the first business and leadership book ever written that you will cry your way through – the heart-felt stories are so deeply moving that it will inspire you to live, love and lead differently.


I welcome you to make the choice to become a Heart-Led Leader.  And I look forward to hearing the thousands of stories on how lives and organizations are changed because of it.


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