Keynote Topics


Key Reasons to Book Tommy for Your Next Event

Tommy Spaulding is an acclaimed leadership expert and inspirational speaker.  He speaks to companies, associations and audiences all over the world.

  • Tommy prepares a customized keynote with a focus on experiences and teaching topics that will resonate and inspire your audience.
  • Tommy’s unique message covers groundbreaking ideas and insights into life and business topics.
  • Tommy is a masterful story teller and brings audiences to both laughter and tears using humor and real life stories.
  • According to his colleagues and audiences, Tommy is one the best motivational and inspirational speakers in the country, yet his business content is cutting edge.
  • Tommy develops relationships wherever he delivers a keynote; he gets to know the people and the organization first-hand.
  • Tommy and his team conduct business in the spirit of his book principles; relationship and servant leadership driven.
  • After nearly 1000 speeches in the last seven years, Tommy consistently is rated the top speaker at every conference.
  • Most important, 100% of Tommy’s clients say that he is one of the most authentic speakers on the circuit. Simply put – audiences love him.


The Heart-Led Leader Keynote

“I’ve never seen anyone connect with and move an audience like Tommy does. His real-life stories speak into our own aspirations as leaders.”

Buddy Brown

Independent Hardee’s Franchise Association

There are 18 inches is the distance from your head to your heart. Such a short distance, yet most leaders never take the journey. Leaders and organizations that lead with their hearts are more successful and achieve better results than those that don’t. In Tommy’s keynote he shows that love and results are not opposites, they are two sides of the same coin. It is not love or results – it is love driven results. If you love what you do, if you love the people you do it with, if you love your culture, if you love your mission, if you love your team, if you love your customers- you will achieve better results.

Return on Relationships Keynote

“In It’s Not Just Who You Know, Tommy Spaulding delivers his ideas and life experiences in a way that can really help people achieve relationship excellence.”

Lee Cockerel
Executive Vice President (retired)
Walt Disney World®

Economists and business leaders love to talk about a return on investment (ROI) – and well we should. But there is something more. It is called return on relationships (ROR). Organizations and leaders that build genuine and lifelong relationships are more successful that those that do not. Transform your workforce, change habits and develop deeper, more authentic relationships with customers, employees, clients, and other key stakeholders. Tommy’s genuine character, sincerity and humor will move you and your team. His heartwarming stories will make audiences laugh and cry – and take home practical tools that build relationships to higher and more satisfying levels. These connections bring ROR that translates into success, and brings results to any organization.