My life is turned upside down.  Perhaps yours is, too.  My business is turned inside out. Perhaps yours is, too.  Everything that I’m used to is no longer. Perhaps you feel the same way, too. I’m used to heading to an airport twenty times a month. No more airports in my life the next couple months. I’m used to taking my son, Tate, to 5:00am morning hockey practice. He’s been doing this four times a week for the past six years.  No more hockey practice since the rinks are closed. I’m used to heading to the local YMCA to swim…my favorite exercise of them all.  Nearly both of my books were written in my head in a lap pool.  No more swimming since the “Y” is closed. I’m used to dropping my kids off at school a half mile away.  But now they are homeschooled by Jill and doing online classes because schools are closed.  A friend of mine sent a funny text message to me today: Homeschooling is going well.  Two students suspended for fighting and one teacher fired for drinking on the job! I’m used to going to daily Mass.  But all the Catholic Churches in Colorado are now closed. I’m used to seeing my staff at the office.  But they all work from home…even during our Monday morning staff meetings. I’m used to eating at the same three restaurants in the same city block three miles from my home: Pino’s Place Pizzeria, Aung’s Bangkok Café and Cherry Hills Sushi Company.  But they are all closed.  I’m used to speaking to large audiences.  But now the largest live audience I speak to is the four people around our dinner table. I’m used to giving my haircut lady a big hug when I see her every three weeks.  But today, Kate, reached out her elbow to greet me. I’m used to having revenue coming into my company.  But now all I have is expenses. My life is upside down.  And my business is inside out.  Perhaps you feel the same way, too. But something has changed in me amongst all the stress, fear and uncertainty. I’m thinking of my staff’s well-being more than my own. I’m worrying about my friends and client’s business struggles more than my own.  I’m having a baseball catch with my son at 11:00am on a Tuesday.  I’m working out on the basement treadmill that hasn’t been plugged in for years. I’m reading the entire Wall Street Journal, not just the front page.  I’m writing handwritten notes to loved ones.  I’m praying with my wife and kids.  And I’m finding new ways my company can create revenue without me getting on an airplane. Our lives may be upside down.  Our businesses may be inside out.  But there are many people and businesses around the world that have it rougher than us. My mother-in-law nearly died two weeks ago.  She’s been in the hospital recovering from a series of illnesses.  She will never move back into her own home in Greeley, Colorado.  This morning she was taken to her new home…a rehabilitation and senior living facility.  I was told that she had tears in her eyes as she walked into this strange building.  And I got tears in my eyes when I learned she can’t have any visitors until the coronavirus epidemic ends.  Could be weeks.  Could be months. Then it hit me.  I’m the luckiest man alive.  I have all the things that are important to me.  My faith. My health.  My family.  My team at work.  My clients around the world.  And my Italian, Thai and sushi place down the road does take-out…at least for the next week! Let’s put this all in perspective.  Many of the people in our country that we are protecting from the coronavirus fought in wars…on the front line…protecting us.  It should be our honor staying at home protecting their lives. Our businesses and places of employment will be stronger and wiser through all of this.  If you asked me a week ago that I would be doing online keynotes, training and coaching…I would have told you that you were crazy.  Sometimes challenging times gives us the time to challenge ourselves. We’re all in this together.  Elbow bumps and all.  But this too shall pass.  And we will all be better for it – both personally and professionally.  But I can’t wait to get up at 5am to take my son to hockey, eat crappy airport food and hug my haircut lady.  But until then, let’s embrace living upside down and working inside out.  Even if homeschooling our kids drives us to drink!